All About Graphic Design

Welcome to Adams Graphic Design and Advertising Agency! If you love playing games and have some great ideas for apps, websites and fun games that you think will attract a lot of players, then why not consider being a graphic designer?

Our pages are packed with information about becoming a graphic designer and some handy hints and tips about website and app design in general.

We also highlight the fact that simply having a great idea is not enough to become successful in this field, it is only the tiniest part of it, but hopefully, we can help and guide you through the graphic design minefield.

If you have heard the terms graphic design, website design or games app design and you have wondered exactly what this entails, we provide brief but concise details of each profession. You might think they are all the same, but in reality, they are very different although the basic premise remains the same.

We offer advice on training to be a designer and a keen interest in how it all works will go a long way. You might be the top game player in your neighborhood, but if you do not care about what makes the game tick then a career in games design may not be for you.

Graphic designers are not just for online games or apps. Graphic designers work in a wide range of fields, for example, if you have an interest in animation, training as a graphic designer can help you win your dream job.

Advertisers use graphic designers for every campaign they run, even if it is just creating a new logo for a start-up company or for re-branding of an existing business. A career in advertising also has longevity and strong job security as almost no business can survive without some kind of advertisement.

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