Tips for Designing a Website

There are plenty of things that a website designer can do when planning and building a website and for those who are new to it, here are a few tips that will help to keep the site working efficiently.

Carefully plan the layout

While many designers will opt to work solely on computer, there is something to be said for planning with a pen and paper first. It can help to draft the layout on paper first to see how it might work before creating it online.

Avoid overfilling the site

There are so many sites that are cluttered with content and ads and if those designers stopped to think for a minute, they might realize just how off-putting it can be for the user. It is important to think about the space and how effectively it is used when creating the site. Take a look at some of the most recently created sites – many of these are now avoiding elements like sidebars.

Ensure that the website is responsive

There are still websites out there that are almost impossible to use on a mobile phone. For a website to be a success now, responsive design is not something that should be considered to be optional. There is an option of mobile-first design which may be something that will work better for your site.

Keep navigation simple

With plenty of websites that are difficult to navigate, there is something to be said for a user-friendly site. People don’t want to plow through layers of pages to reach the page that they want, so a little more attention to this aspect of your site will pay off in the long run. Many ordinary users will not have the patience to work out how to get to the page that they want to, so if you want to keep them, you need to lose the complicated site design.

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