What is Game Design?

It is not that easy to define game design as it covers a wide range of things from computer programming to creative writing. The world of the video game has evolved a great deal over the last decade, and it is the game designers who are responsible for creating these fictitious worlds that can keep people busy for hours at a time.

The process of creating a game is not an easy task. The process is long and there are many aspects to it. The designer will be heavily involved in the writing of the game, the programming, and the graphic design. Not all of these aspects of the game will be carried out by one person, so it involves working a lot with others who have technical expertise in these areas.

The various roles that may be available to those who want to get involved with game design include the level designer, the game artist or content designer, the world designer and the interface designer. It is usual for those who work in game design to be big fans of video games, but they will also have a wide variety of other interests too as this helps with the creative process.

The process begins with an idea and as the game design has evolved over the last few years, the idea may bridge two or more genres. The initial proposal for the game will include not only the concept but details on the actual gameplay, the setting and the storyline and a feature list. The game designer also needs to take into consideration the audience that the game will be aimed at and the planned budget and staffing requirements. As the process continues, the designer will determine which elements are to be kept and which are to be altered in order to achieve the finished product.

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